Vilde Sparre - Choreographer

Gi meg en lykkelig slutt!

In Give me a happy ending! we follow three people from birth to old age while time stands still in 2015. Anxiety, here illustrated as an annoying exercise enthusiast, is with them all the way. Anxiety creates thoughts and thoughts create anxiety. She both prevents and pushes the three forward.

"After Freud committed the mistake to make much of the everyday anxiety into a disease, it's time to take it back as an integral part of the functioning of human life." From What is anxiety of Paul Moxnes.

"Is there anything I regret, then there are those times I think that life just was scary and not scary amazing." From Give me a happy ending! Marius Leknes Snekkevåg.
Emil Rodrigo Jørgensen, Hans Kåre Sjøstrøm, Karin Klouman and Tuva Hennum.

Director: Vilde Sparre
Time: 45 minutes.