Vilde Sparre - Choreographer


I work with contemporary dance, often bordering on theatre. My choreographies are often based on different images and moods that alternate between seriousness and humour, nearness and distance. 
Thematically, Iexplore aspects of the human condition in our time and the enigma of the human psyche that shows the tension between freedom and restraint in a contemporary person´s life. I am interested in the conflict between what we really feel and the face we show the world. My ambition is to unite a philosophical point of view with an emotional one and to get the audience kinesthetically, emotionally and intellectual involved.
The movement language in my choreographies emanates from my work method - a work method for both how a dancer can build up a character and how he/she can bring up feelings and express them. Improvisation is an important approach in the process and character work is a tool I use to come up with a unique movement expression – from which the dancer can pick up emotions and situations. The motivation of every movement is analyzed and worked on in detail. The aim is that the dancers are safe in a bare and vulnerable expression where the emotions come out in the movements – that movements of the whole body become emotions, and perceived as real for the audience as well for the dancer.