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Curriculum Vitae

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Address: Helgesensgate 76 C, 0563 Oslo, Norway
Mob: +47-41 67 69 30  
Trade union: Norske Dansekunstneres forbund (NoDa)



Vilde Sparre is achoreographer who works with contemporary dance and theatre. Has 15 years of experience as a choreographer, project manager and producer. 

Works at Arts Council Norway as an advisor, at Nordic Black Theatreas a movement teacher and at Oslo Teatersenter as a theatre instructor. She has been involved in many various art projects and has held numerous of courses and workshops in contemporary dance, improvisation and composition. University Lecturer competence.Worked as a professional dancer from 1998 - 2006.

2017 - 2018OsloMet: Arts Management.
2014 - 2015Oslo and Akershus University Collage og Applied Sience: Theatre directing.
2014Oslo and Akershus University Collage og Applied Sience: Dramaturgy.
2006 - 2008Ballett Academy (Oslo National Academy of the Arts): Master degree in choreography.
1996, 2000Universety of Oslo: Exam Philosophicum (1996), Exam Facultatum (2000).
1995 - 1998Bårdar Academy: Dance.
1992 - 1995Laban Centre for Movement and DanceDiploma in Dance Theatre, London.
2015Forbindelser: Cafeteatret (Oslo).
2015Gi meg en lykkelig slutt!
Examination performance in theatre directing, HiOA (Oslo).
NordCC. Shown at Balettakademien (Stockholm), Verkstedhallen (Trondheim), Stoa (Helsinki). Co-producers: DansiT (Trondheim) and Stoa (Helsinki).
Ravnedans Contemporary Dance festival (Kristiansand).
2012My space Or your place?
Scenehuset (Oslo).
2011Test 2
Nordic Choreographic Collaboration (NordCC).
Dansearena nord (Hammerfest).

Den kan kjenne ansiktet ditt
Dansens Hus under Vårslepp (Oslo).

2010That´s life
Logen Teater, PrøveRommet/BIT-Teatergarasjen (Bergen) and Scenehuset (Oslo).
2010 Publikumsberetninger
Site specific performance with 10 actors. Show on the roof of the Norwegian Opera House (Oslo).

Test 1 
Nordic Choreographic Collaboration (NordCC)
“ZOZOZOZON!” festival in Norrtälje (Sweden).

Master examination in choreography, KHiO (Oslo).
2004 - 2006Fjernkontroll
Toured with Concerts Norway (Rikskonsertene) in Northern Norway and the two counties of Trøndelag.
2004 - 2005Breath out
2005: Black Box, Podium (Hausmania) and Innvik (Oslo).
2004: Innvik and Sentrum Scene (Oslo).
2003 Limbo
Blå (Oslo).
2012Gold Digger. Director and film: Vilde Sparre. Shown at Åpen Scene, Verkstedhallen i Trondheim.
2019Untold stories. Performance with five actors. 
2004 - 2013

Nordic Black Theater

Choreographer: Dialoger. Director: Nadir Guendos, Cafeteateret (2013).
Choreographer: • De 7 DødssynderCafeteatret (2013) 
• Choreographer: Dialoger. Director: Nadir Guendos, Cafeteateret (2011).
• Choreographer: Dragen og den mørke byen. Director: Nadir Guendos, Innvik (2010)
• Choreographer: Klassefiender. Director: Nadir Guendos, Innvik (2009)
• Choreographer: Huset på grensen. Director: Nadir Guendos, Innvik (2006).
• Choreographer: Prinsessen med gåtene. Director: Nadir Guendos, Innvik (Oslo) and Stamsund Internasjonal Theatrefestival (Stamsund) (2006).
• Choreographer Fruen fra havet (”The lady from the sea”) by Henrik Ibsen. Director: Nadir Guendous, Innvik (Oslo), Stamsund Internasjonal Theatre festival (Stamsund) (2005).
• Choreographer: Falstaff by Shacespear. Director: Nadir Guendos. Innvik (2004).

2009, 2012Hva meD…: Choreographer in the theatre production Tjenestepikene by Jean Genet, Innvik (Oslo 2009), Cafeteateret (Oslo 2012), Théatre de Lenche(Marseille 2012).
2005, 2009, 2011Trippeldans
• Dancers from the Youth companies KGB, Bajazz and happy Feet. Bærum kulturhus (2011).
• Bajazz Youth company. Bærum kulturhus (2009).
• Bajazz Youth company. Bærum kulturhus (2005).
2007 - 2009  Umoja: Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet is a program that involves Art institutions (music, dance and circus) from six African countries, Netherland and Norway. My work in the project is to make a national performance in Norway (with dance students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Norwegian Academy of Music) and one performance together with the students and teachers from all the involving countries in a camp in Africa.

• Choreographer in Sodere (Ethiopia). National performance: When I opened the paper, I kissed and then I made dinner (2009).
• Choreographer in Nairobi (Kenya). National performance: Re (2008).
• Choreographer in the New Year Concert in Maputo (Mozambique) (2007).
• Choreographer in Dar Es Salam (Tanzania). National performance: Vind (2007).
2002Turboteateret: Choreographer in the theatre production Huset til Rut. Director: Steinar Thorsen. Scene USF (Bergen).
2002NRK: Choreographer in a TV commercial for NRK radio ”Kulturbeitet”. Director: Susanne Falkum Løvik.
2001Lydscenen: Solo dance and choreography: Troféjeger – trofé jeg er, Garage (Bergen).

NRK (XL-TV): XL – en aften midt på treet. Directors: Atle Antonsen, Khristopher Schau, Espen Thoresen, Johan Golden, Hasse Lindmo. Toured around Norway.


Lik meg (Like me) written by Mari Hesjedal in cooperation with Den unge scene (DUS) and Oslo teatersenter. Shown at Dramatikkens hus and Rampelysfestivalen at Vega scene.

2018Et dukkehjem (A doll´s House) by Henrik Ibsen.Shown at Rampelysfestivalen at Black Box Theatre.
2017Tåkedalen pensjonat (Mist valley boarding house). Shown at Rampelysfestivalen at Black Box Theatre.
2016Alice i eventyrland (Alice in Wonderland). Shown at Rampelysfestivalen at Black Box Theatre.
2015, 2016

Theatre directing of Instant Theatre at Miniøya. 

2015Fantasikilden (Fantacy source).Shown at Rampelysfestivalenat Black Box Theatre 
2019Gullstøv. Choreography. Director: Christopher Clark.
2015The Audition. Choreography. Director: Christopher Clark.  
2014Den berusede båtenChoreography and film. Projectmanager: Veslemøy S. Jansen. 
2013The big FREEZE – How the universe will end. Choreography. Projectmanager: Torgrim Sollid. Director and cut: Liv Mari Mortensen. Shown at Victoria Nasjonal jazzscene under On the Edge?
TEACHINGI have been working as a movement teacher for actors at Nordic Black Theatre since 2003 and as a theatre instructor at Oslo Teatersenter since 2015. Have held a number of independent courses and workshops in modern dance, improvisation and composition. Is one of the founders of the training concept Move it. Workshop in improvisation for musicians at the Norwegian Academy of Music (2013), Classes for professional dancers for PRODA in Trondheim (2013), Fitness Instructor at Sport & Mosjon, High Energy and Krønsj (2002-2011). Contemporary dance at Bajazz (2003-2009), Dance teacher at The Norwegian Theatre for actors (2003-2004).
2018 - d.d.Arts consultant at Arts Council Norway.
2016 - 2017 Arts consultant at Arts Council Norway.
2014 - 2016Volunteer work at Danseinformation.
2015  Talk at Seminarium#5. Teater Innlandet. 
2014 Article: "Do performing art need choreographers?".
2013  Cultural organizer for Henriken Culturebar.
2016Video editing with Hans Erik Lindbom. NoDa.
2013Devicing theatre and Viewpoints with Kristina Kjeldsberg. Norsk Skuespillersenter.
2008Film editing. Final cut, NoDa. 

Butoh & Bodyweather with Stuart Lynch. Oslo Bodyweather Laboratory.

2004Mime course at Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique, London.
2004Composition with Cristina Moura. Coda workshop.
2003Film and narrativity. Kunstakademiet.
2003Bodyweather with Stuart Lynch. Oslo Bodyweather Laboratory.
2013Dansearena nord in Hammerfest (Norway).
2012DansiT in Trondheim (Norway).
2011Dansearena nord in Hammerfest (Norway).
2011Koneen Säätiön residens in Saaren kartano (Finland).
2011Balettakademien in Stockholm (Sweden).
2010Beehouse artistic residency in Norrtälje (Sweden).

2012 - 2014Government Grants for artists: 2 year work grant.
2013Ke∂ja Writing Movement: Writing grant
2011Government Grants for artists: Miscellaneous grants.
2010Keðja project: Travel grant to Umeå (Sweden).
2009Government Grants for artists: Miscellaneous grants.
2008Fund for performing artists: Travelgrant.
2007Fund for performing artists: Travelgrant.
2004Oslo National Academy of the Arts: Individual education grant. Ecolé de Mime Corporel Dramatique (London)