Vilde Sparre - Choreographer

Nordic choreographic collaboration (NordCC)

Nordic choreographic Collaboration (NordCC) is a Nordic choreographer - group consisting of Arja Tiili from Finland, Vilde Sparre from Norway and Asa N. Åström from Sweden.
NordCC belives that dance communicates with an audience that is as much influenced by his/her own background and culture as the choreographer and the dancer. Movement language and expression communicate in two ways. It occurs through a dancer's particular way of moving that then is received and interpreted by a spectator. Dance is a vehicle of communication. NordCC´s goal is that collaboration across Nordic borders can contribute to strengthening contemporary dance and to engage a larger audience.

The cooperation idea evolved during a dance network event KedjaUmeå (2010) where we first met. We decided to work together because we all felt strongly the need to get challenged by sharing and discussing our choreographic thinking. 

The aim of the NordCC´s first project was to determine how closely several choreographers can collaborate, ie to make choreography with one voice instead of several, and has since 2010 worked on various residencies in Finland, Norway and Sweden to examine this. During their residency stays (Saari residence in Turku, Balettakademien in Stockholm, Dance Arena north of Hammerfest and DansiT in Trondheim) the three choreographers made different work methods and rules that made ​​it possible to create choreography together. Not with three voices, but with one voice. To test this for real, the choreographers wanted to create a performance with these working methods as a base. Each choreographer brought a dancer from their own country into the project. The result was Svorskuomi - a dance performance about the Nordic identity. In spring 2013 the performance was shown on Balettakademien in Stockholm, at Verkstedhallen and Fosen Secondary School under the direction of DansiT, DKS Trondheim and DKS Sør-Trøndelag and at Stoa in Helsinki.
The performance was co-produced by DansiT (Trondheim) and Stoa (Helsinki). NordCC ´s project was  financially supported by Kulturkontakt nord, Nordiska kulturfonden, FINNO and Fond for utøvende kunstnere. 
NordCC will continue their cooperation. Stay tuned!