Vilde Sparre - Choreographer

Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet

Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet is a collaborative program that involves Art institutions (music, dance and circus) fom Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Norway.

Vilde Sparre was engaged in the programme by Oslo National Academy of The Arts from 2006-2009 in cooperation with Norwegian Academy of Music.
Her job was to make a National performance each year, and create cross-over work ogether with the other artists in the camps in Africa. The artistic outcome of each year´s camp was showcased through performances and exhibitions in Africa.
Vilde Sparre also worked as a choreographer at the Umoja Festival in 2007. Umoja Festival is the biggest cultural event in Mozambique with a live audience of about 100 000 people. It is produced for television and distributed for broadcasting in more than 20 African countries..