Vilde Sparre - Choreographer

Svorskuomi - a dance performance about the nordic identity


45 min. 

Nordic choreographic Collaborations (NordCC) performance shown at Scen fyra at Balettakademien in Stockholm, Verkstedhallen in Trondheim and Stoa stage in Helsinki.
Swedish, Norwegian and Suomi has become Svorskuomi, a language that we have used and created during this journey.

Svorskuomi is a result of three Nordic choreographers exploration on how closely three different choreographers can work towards a performance; not with three voices, but with one. 

Arja Tiili (FI)
Vilde Sparre (NO)
Åsa N. Åström (SV)

Dancers performed at Stoa in Helsinki:
Jacob Geira (SV)
Mari Wieberg Dæhli (NO)
Minttu Pietilä (FI)

Dancers performed at Verkstedhallen in Trondheim:
Mari Wieberg Dæhli (NO)
Minttu Pietilä (FI)
Sigge Modigh (SV)

Dancers performed at Balettakademinen in Stockholm:
Anja Sunniva Valseth (NO)
Minttu Pietilä (FI)
Oskar Frisk (SV)

Co-produsenter: DansiT (Trondheim) Stoa (Helsinki).